Jack Of All Trades, Total Master Of None

Hey lovelies!

Real talk: I’m about to show my age here–does anyone remember that ad campaign that says– “Verb, it’s what you do.”?! (If you’re unfamiliar, it ran in the early 2000’s (close to 20 years ago for those keeping score.) So why the hell am I talking about a nearly two-decade old ad campaign? Why I’m so glad you asked!

You see, growing up, my mother tried everything and anything under the sun for me to hopefully show some interest in. I played the violin, I was on the swim team, I was on the soccer team. I took art classes in the summer, and ballet in the fall. I even tried cheerleading and gymnastics for a spell. (guess who’s severely uncoordinated? This chic right here)  I was enrolled in the school spelling bee and the chess club. I tried my hand at horseback riding. I took voice lessons, piano lessons, and tennis lessons one summer. And let’s not forget the time I decided to try my hand at beauty pageants!

Is this list getting annoying to read? Imagine how annoying it was to do. I think the idea behind it was that hopefully something would stick–after all, statistically the more things you try the higher likelihood you’ll find something you enjoy right?

I’ll be 100,000% honest with you–there was nothing I liked well enough to stick with, in fact, all it did was show my everything I hated to do. The truth is, by participating in all of those activities, I become a lame Jack-Of-All-Trades and an absolute Master of None. You see, while I was thrown into all of the above, the whole while I was being told “you are smart and special and unique–you can be and do anything you want!” But “anything I want to be” was none of the activities thrusted onto me. (For the record, I do exactly NONE of those activities today. Just sayin’.)

Basically, I’m wanting to know if every single person in the world has something they are passionate about, or are there others like me? I feel like everyone I know is living their best life–they have their dream job (which, first off, what the hell is that???) They are involved in hobbies they love, or they found that one kickass workout routine that gets them all jazzed up. There are performers,  Olympians, and CEOs that love what they do so much they are absolutely heart-brokenly devastated if something happens to prevent them from their work. Me on the other hand? I would welcome anything that would get me out of a practice, recital, lesson, or job in general. So considering all of this–I’m feeling rather lost in life.  I’m 28 years old and I still have NO CLUE as to what I want to be when I grow up. Am I the only one??

For the record, there are a few things I’m passionate about (none of which make me money lol):

  • My animals (hubs too)
  • Not talking with people–hubs and friends excluded
  • Home popped popcorn
  • Netflix
  • Instagram stories of other people living their best life
  • Not working on Monday’s
  • Coffee, wine, and…honestly more of both (New Zealand sauvignon blancc to be precise.)

What a riveting life I lead! With that I’m going to end my pointless rambling–because let’s be real–it’s not like this post is of any helpful value LOL

But I have to know–am I the only one? Do I not have a soul? Is anyone out there feeling the same? Or maybe you did and now you found your path–if so, please send help (and tacos!)

Holla at cha girl.

(Also, I had to go DEEP into the dark web of Facebook photos to find these gems for ya)

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