Goals, Gains, And Everything In Between

Hey Lovelies,

Goals, goals, goals. It seems that everywhere you turn these days, everyone is goal-setting–maybe it’s because of the Rachel Hollis “Start Today Journal” (clearly it worked for her…) Or maybe it has to do with how much time we spend on social media leading us to witness the success of others. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize there is a definite shift focusing on those who set goals, work towards their dreams, and achieve their intentions with flying colors–no matter what the goal may be.

What’s even better? The fact that anyone I follow online seems to be so unapologetic about their accomplishments, but it’s not just the influencers I seem to worship on Instagram, it’s also the organic relationships I have with close friends and family members. I have a friend who decided she wanted to learn how to sew–and she found a local class and freaking crushed the basics–now she’s making handmade bags for fun. I have another friend who absolutely loves the idea of physical fitness–so much so that she managed to land a career in fitness all while helping others reach personal fitness aspirations. And I can see the level of pride they have glowing from their faces.

Last year, I set the intention to compete and complete NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) the goal of which is to write 50,000 words–the average length of a novel–in exactly one month. And I freaking did it, I wrote 50,082 before the 11:59pm deadline on November 30, 2018–and it was the GREATEST feeling in the world. This was my very first time setting a goal for myself, that no one had any influence over. I wasn’t doing this for my family, or because it was “expected” of me to do so, I did it because I wanted to. And I’m glad I did it, even if it doesn’t turn into anything, it reintroduced me to my love of simply writing (hence the creation of getagrippel.com). But it also made me realize that a goal can literally be anything you want it to be–no matter the size, the philosophy, or what the outcome is. A goal is something that no one can take away from you–as long as it is in your heart to do so.

This past weekend I unapologetically achieved another goal–purchasing my very first luxury handbag. Materialistic as that may seem, it was an ambition I set for myself for the past couple of years, that I became very serious about over the past several months. It was something that I didn’t necessarily set a “deadline” for, but that I always had in the back of my mind to work towards. Some days it was in the forefront of my thoughts–I would actively look at the bag I wanted and calculate how long it would take me to get it. I would admire those who already owned one and I would say to myself, “one day I will be a part of that ‘club’ too.”


Other days, it would take a backseat to the life that was going on around me–and that’s okay! I’m only human right? I’m not perfect–I’m the farthest thing from it! And honestly I used to kick myself in the butt for not “staying on top of my goals” so much so that it would drive me to give up on them altogether. I can’t keep disappointing myself if I just give up right? At least that’s how I used to think. These days I’m far more forgiving on myself, and in doing so, it’s actually made me a better goal setter.

Trying to lose 15 lbs and be healthier? That’s Fantastic! Did you order a sausage and pepperoni pizza and eat it because you were craving it and/or you just didn’t feel like cooking? That’s okay too! Want to Marie Kondo your house? Great! Did you start and now you’re left with a hurricane of clothes because you’re just too tired from working to work on your house when you’re home most days? That’s totally okay! Trying to save money for a luxury handbag? Awesome! Did you decide to spend money by going out to happy hour with friends? No problem! Bottom line–life happens. Just remember: if you slip, don’t slide. If you slip away from your goal there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t let it slide to the point of no return. And WHEN (not if) you achieve your goal–don’t apologize for it! You wanted to make something happen and you did it. It doesn’t matter what it was, all that matters is that you pulled it off.

Own that shit–work that updo!! (did I just show my age here??)

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