About Me


Who Am I?

Well, isn’t that the question of the day? Honestly, I’m still working on the answer to that, but what I can tell you is that I’m simply a girl trying to create some meaning out of this little annoying (but truly beautiful) thing called life.

In a nutshell: My name is Gabby, which is, unfortunately, extremely fitting to my character. There’s no doubt that I have been blessed with the gift of gab, and rarely do I know when to shut up, (not that I would even if I knew to in any case.) I’m a newlywed, 28-year-old, mama of three fur-babies. Most days, I’m running on about 90% caffeine, and 10% dry shampoo, with no level in between (unless there’s wine and tacos involved).  I’m currently living that whole 9-5 lifestyle praying that there is more to life than that…there has to be right??

What is Get A Grippel?

Here’s another question I don’t know how to answer! The truth is, Get A Grippel is my third attempt at a blog (third times the charm right?) Get A Grippel is just me, my thoughts on the world, my mishaps and misfortunes, along with a dash of make-believe. Get A Grippel is a blog that will focus on two parts:

1.) I plan on sharing all of my life’s (mis)adventures, in hopes that it will inspire you to learn from, laugh with, and not repeat my mistakes. I’m just trying to “get a grip” on my life…

2.) It will serve as a platform for me to dabble in short stories–some make-believe, some based on true events, and some I pull out of my butt for the pure sake of writing.

With that being said, I appreciate you entertaining me and my delusional far-fetched aspirations of becoming a published author–all while I struggle through this whole “I need to find my path but I also need to pay the bills” life.

So thank you for joining in this journey with me, and honestly, let’s just see what happens!

Kind Regards,

G. Rippel

(^do you get the title of the website now?? Here’s a hint: G.Rippel, GRippel, Grippel. Ok I think you get it now…)