When Two Dozen Cookies Come In Handy

So about a month ago most of the nation decided to celebrated the “holiday extravaganza” that only occurs once a year. So many events lead up to this moment that some are heavily invested in the outcome. The beer is flowing, the chicken wings are plentiful, and the face paint is abundant. That’s right folks–I’m talking about the Super Bowl. Now if you’re anything like me, you couldn’t care less about the game (maybe if the Bear were playing, that would be a different story) and honestly, this year’s halftime show lineup was something I was less than enthused about–Beyoncé or nothing am I right? (#fierce).

But out of fear of #fomo I was more than prepared to eat junk food and watch the game out of solidarity for my Hubs, from the comfort of sweats that if I’m being honest, I had been wearing all  weekend. And then at about Noon on Super Bowl Sunday, while shopping at Costco,  we get a call that some of our friends asking if they should bring any snacks or drinks over to our house for the Big Game that evening. Um, what? Long story short–somewhere along the lines the Husband forgot to confirm this plan, and thus let me know in general. So today, I’m going to share with you the tricks of the trade on:

How To Host A Party With Four Hours’ Notice

Step 1: Generate a game plan

In all honesty, we had roughly 4 hours between getting the call and when people were planning on showing up to the house–four hours may seem like a lot of time to you, but when you consider the fact that it was February 3rd and you still have all of your Christmas decorations are still up (yes, yes, I know) four hours is not a lot of time to clean, organize, prep food, etc. So the first thing to do is to plop down in the middle of the Costco furniture aisle and plan, plan, PLAN. First start with the a cleaning/organizing timeline, envision a menu, then generate a shopping list (needing enough beer for a party? thank God we were already at Costco**). Considering the short amount of time given, try not to spend too much time in creating a game plan–think of this as more of an outline, that you then fill up as you tackle each task.

Step 2: Clean like your Hispanic mother decided to stop by unannounced.

Maybe it’s just me, but I do NOT keep an Insta-worthy household, I basically live in organized chaos. When I lived alone I developed a habit of keeping all clean laundry in/on/around the dryer/dining room table/anywhere but the closet and dresser. Not to mention–the stupid Christmas decorations were still up. (In case you’re wondering, this is proof that I clearly don’t have this whole adulating thing figured out.) So the solution: divide and conquer! You got married for a reason: partnership. Don’t be afraid to delegate work to your partner–despite what you think you don’t have to do everything yourself! It’s so much faster to clean the whole house when your partner helps out. And hey, here’s a little trick–any rooms you can’t organize in time, don’t be ashamed to just close the door. We’re all adults, no one will snoop behind a closed door! Toss that laundry shit into a room and shut the door. And then clean and organize the “party zones” and voila! Your house is clean and organized in no time.

Step 3: Don’t even try to DIY.

Today is not the day to save $50 by cooking food yourself. Did you not just hear how badly I needed to clean my house? That shit takes a lot of time! Instead of buy groceries for $50-$75 and making the food yourself just buy it. Here’s the problem though, the typical Super Bowl food restaurants to order from have probably been booked with orders well in advanced of your 1.5 hours until game time (with only 1hour until guests start arriving) so you have to think outside of the box! I chose to order in massive platters from our favorite local BBQ joint (platters are a part of their normal menu so I didn’t have to worry about it taking time to make or having to worry about booking it in advanced. When I placed the order they said it would be ready in 20 minutes! So I sent the Hubs out to pick up the food, while I dished out all of our entertaining Serve ware, which looks a little better than the Styrofoam containers the food comes in. The meal then looks homemade, but let’s be real, it tastes better than anything I could make at the time. Place the meal in the oven on warm until the guests arrive and put out the chips and salsa we happened to have from last week’s grocery run, just in case some shows up early.

Step Four: Utilize what you already have

Fortunately, I have actually hosted a few parties this past year, which means one thing–we have accumulated an abundance of paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable napkins and silverware (huge sigh of relief!) Grab whatever matches and place it out on your make-shift buffet. And while you may not have “Super Bowl” themed decorations, a few lit candles on holders can make a statement just the same. Then simply finish it all off with the 2-dozen Insomnia Cookies you happened to buy for yourself (selfishly) the day before, and selflessly place it out for guests to enjoy as a tasty dessert.

And that my friends, is how you manage to host a Super Bowl party (or any other sort of party) with less than half a days’ notice.

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G. Rippel


**Don’t be afraid to utilize grocery delivery services if you can’t manage a quick alcohol stop either! If we didn’t happen to be at Costco–this is definitely something I would have done.


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