Sick As A-Dult

(^ do you get it?? like sick as a dog, but it’s “adult”? ok totally lame, but I had to try!)

I don’t know who the hell “invented” the common cold/flu, but I’m going to kill them. The fact that grown-ups get the flu is total bullshit. Being sick as an adult is total BS, there is NOTHING good about it. When you’re sick as a kid, your mom, dad, and/or Grandparents dote on you hand and foot. It didn’t matter if you wanted food, or wanted to nap, or if you had to take medicine, they would be there for you. Now, as a grown up, you have to brave illness alone—and honestly having the flu for the first time in the better part of a decade is the most annoying thing to happen in my 20s. (Well, other than that one time I got the Chicken Pox at 23, but I digress.) And yes, even though I’m married, my husband has to work, so while he’s working on his contribution to the household I’m dying on the couch, because we’re adults and have bills to pay… also, it’s amazing how quickly one forgets what it’s like to have the flu when it’s been so long since I experienced it last. I sincerely forgot how to handle it! So here is my list of ways to get through my flu, and any other illness for adults who have to fend for themselves:

InstaCart and Netflix

            Ok so this technically isn’t something that helps you get over your illness, but it does get you what you need. As I mentioned previously, my husband gets to work while I’m home sick for the majority of the day. So it’s not like he can pick up cold and flu medicine for me from the pharmacy. Enter the convenience of Instacart! I ws able to order all of my flu necessities from the comfort of my bed, and the only time I had to get up was to answer the door—no bra needed. BOOM.

And let’s face it, when was the last time you watched daytime television? It’s basically total crap (no offense cable) but I’m pretty sure the last time I watched the daytime news at 11am, was when I was sick at my grandma’s house, when I was 11. So it’s great that Netflix has since come about to save me from the bores of daytime television. Looks like a marathon of uninterrupted Friends for me.

DayQuil Is Your New BFF

            As much as I plan to murder the “inventor” of influenza, I want to marry the inventor of DayQuil (and NyQuil—obvi) I have no idea what’s in this medication—but Holy Mother Mary of everything—this shit works wonders. My head had been killing me for days my fever kept yo-yoing, and I couldn’t breathe to save my life (ironic right?) but then today, I got ahold of some DayQuil and OH MY DAMN do I feel immensely better (for being sick that is) I freaking love DayQuil and I cannot wait to get a restful night sleep with the NyQuil tonight. And even though I’m a “grown-up” I still can’t handle the taste or feel of traditional cough syrup (I blame my mother for “force feeding” me this sticky shit as a kid, and I can’t stomach to take it anymore. And as a grown ass adult, I don’t need to. So pill form for me it is!)

Tissues with Lotion

            Listen; trust me when I say it is 100,000% worth the splurge to buy the tissues made with lotion. Not having had the flu in about a decade, I didn’t realize the toll normal tissues took on my poor nose. That cartoon commercial where the little girls turns into a bright red siren is so true, my nose—apart from running like a faucet—hurt like a mother after a day and a half of rubbing it dry with regular tissues. Then my hubby got the lotion tissues and I swear—my nose immediately felt better. (fun fact: if you are too sick to get access to tissues with lotion, use a facial moisturizer to the irritated area—it will help! But be warned, it will rub off after each nose wipe)

Vicks VapoRub and Halls Cough Drops

            As Granny-like as it may sound there is some truth to the validity of this combo. I honestly don’t know what it is about VapoRub that works so well, but I felt instant relief from my coughing once I smelled it. So as sticky as it is, I think it’s worth it, and obviously, cough drops bring their own wonders to the table as well!

And I must say there’s something about the smell of Vicks VapoRub and the taste of menthol in Halls cough drops that reminds me of my Memo—aka my grandmother. She always seemed to have a cough for as long as I knew her, thus she was never out of cough drops and Vicks for the entire 13 years I spent with her.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

            As my dad would say every single time I was sick, whether is was with the stomach flu, flu, cold, etc. “make sure you’re drinking enough fluids.” (Insert eye roll here, but really he’s right.) Water is your saving grace when you’re under the weather. Fevers and illness can dehydrate you so it’s important to replenish your body with fluids. Water should be your number one go to, but honestly some tea couldn’t hurt either. It all depends on what you’re going through at the time—just make sure you’re drinking enough. (not alcohol mind you…save that for a day when you’re back to normal!)

Bonus Helpful Hint

         It also doesn’t hurt that your amazing and wonderful friend Bree spends her day working from home while also making you Chicken Noodle Soup from scratch! Having good friends in life can make any illness fly by! ( Well mostly.) The allergy questions make a lot more sense now! And I’m thankful my NyQuil didn’t kick in until I saw you to drop it off with the most encouraging “Get Well Soon” note. #blessed


Side note: if your friend brings over homemade chicken noodle soup–try your best not to spill half of it on the floor when pulling something out of the fridge the next morning.



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